Designed from sleek, nothing would beat Mercedes S63 AMG when it comes to its lightweight class. Car wrapping With features that has obtained grater under hood muscle, you can drive this super machine to the limit without any law that restricts the speed. The highlight of Mercedes S63 AMG is its engine which is excellently built to easily adjust to acceleration and boost power and speed. It also stimulates more horsepower that will surely lead you in the finish line with speeds that you would never have imagined.

Compared with every breed of supercars that embrace the Mercedes AMG performance section, the hub of Mercedes S63 AMG is well optimized. Furthermore this amazing masterpiece comes with built-in dual turbo 5.5 litre V8. While it is dubbed as M157, it can generate five hundred fifty seven horsepower and stunning six hundred sixty four lb-ft torque. Mercedes say that it runs with zero to sixty miles in one hour for only 3.9 seconds. In addition, it can reach its peak with one hundred eighty six miles per hour.

One of the most amazing lines of Mercedes S63 AMG is the 4MATIC all-wheel race system which utilizes V8’s thrust to its limit which can resist fraction even in the most rigorous environments. The 4matic system is patterned with the E63 AMG. This system results to thirty percent of the engine power to the front wheels and the sixty seven percent for the wheels at its back.

Though the Mercedes S63 AMG is featured with all-wheel drive system together with the distinctive S-class safety technology and luxury, this supercar has an amazing weight of two hundred twenty pounds compared with the predecessors. Because of this, a big thanks to the features that streamline its weight such as the aluminium body works, lithium ion battery and carbon fibre designed wheels.

Codenamed SPEESHIFT MCT, it makes use of a wet clutch set in traditional torque converter. This can lead to gear modification that can take place in just one second, that is when the car is set in the sportiest shift mode. However the transmission can still yield a very comfortable racing experience especially when it is set to its Comfort settings.

The transmission of Mercedes S63 AMG also takes advantage of the very smooth rev matching in down shifts mode that is meant to be efficient during stoplight car racing. If you want to manoeuvre the car with your own hands, you can utilize the aluminium paddle shifters located near the wheel t in order to allow the drive to take ease of adjusting.

Mercedes S63 AMG also comes with AMG full air suspension system that is coupled with responsive dampers. The function of these dampers is to stimulate a good balance between the comfort of the driver and the efficiency of the car prior to its agility. You can also get the most out of the suspense together with the settings intended to modify the steering in order to take advantage of both sport and comfort.